At St. Robert School, we believe that it is important to provide each student with the opportunity to develop his or her values, and to connect to something greater than him- or herself. We believe that it is equally important to feel safe in an environment that cultivates the motivation to learn.

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Thank you for your interest in applying to St. Robert Catholic School. When it comes to deciding which school might be the right one, the answers may not always be as clear as you would like.

At St. Robert School, we believe that it is important to provide each student with the opportunity to develop his or her values, and to connect to something greater than him- or herself. We believe that it is equally important to feel safe in an environment that cultivates the motivation to learn.

The application and admissions process involves five steps:

Step 1

Visit St. Robert School: If you are unfamiliar with our school, we encourage you to start the admissions process with a personal tour by contacting the office at (916) 452-2111. This may take place at any time throughout the year. You may also attend our Open House event held annually during the last week of January.

 Step 2

Complete Application Form: This form may be submitted at any time and will enable you to temporarily hold a spot for your child in the upcoming school year. However, you will be expected to submit a registration packet once you are notified that this packet is available.

This application form may be obtained by contacting the office at (916) 452-2111 or downloading the form.

Application Form

Step 3

Complete Online Registration : This may be submitted at any time. However, in the event of limited space in a class, we encourage you to plan ahead and submit as early as possible to secure a position for your child. The official deadline for submission is the first day of May.

In the event that there are no openings in a specific grade level, prospective students will be placed on a waiting list. When an opening becomes available, students will be identified in order of their place on the list and contacted in order of the following criteria: (a) children of Catholic families active in the St. Robert Parish, (b) children of Catholic families active in other Catholic parishes, and (c) children of families from non-Catholic faiths.

Step 4

Visit Classroom in Progress: If schedules permit, prospective students applying to enter third through eighth grades may visit the school for half a day at their current grade level. This would give students the chance to witness the St. Robert School experience with their own class peers. These visits should be arranged in advance and should occur after the registration packet has been submitted.

Step 5

Participate in Entrance Screening: The screening will help all of us provide the most positive learning experience for your child. The screening will assess prospective students for school readiness or for appropriate grade-level placement. In addition, for students applying to enter seventh or eighth grade, the school principal will interview them as part of their admission process.

Screenings and interviews take place beginning in late February, depending on the number of applications we receive each month. The screening of students entering kindergarten will be conducted on a one-to-one basis.

st Robert catholic school sacramento Tuition Fees


To be considered for the scholarship rate, current and prospective students must be the children of (a) families who are registered and contributing parishioners of the St. Robert Catholic Church and (b) families who regularly attend at least one weekend Mass per week at the St. Robert Catholic Church. Families may lose their scholarship at any time if it is later determined that they ceased to remain active parishioners after being granted a scholarship.


  • New Diocesan Policy: All Payers of Tuition and/or Extended Day are required to enroll in a Payment Plan in FACTS.
  • FACTS Management is required per family or per each payer. If more than one payment method or more than one bank account is used, separate FACTS enrollments must be made.
  • FACTS Grant Link Open
  • Extended Day Fees: Students may enroll in Extended Day whenever a decision for placement in the school’s extended care program is made. All financial arrangements should be made through the School Bookkeeper.


Application Fee – $40

Registration Fee – $500


New Families Tuition* Full Payment by 6/30/23 Payment Plan
1 Student $6,725 $6,875
2 Students $ 12,615 $ 12,915
3 Students $ 18,085 $ 18,535
4 Students $ 23,545 $ 24,145
Extended Day Fees Emergency Drop In Morning Only Full Time
1 Student $14 / hour $940 $2,900
2 Students $26 / hour $1,410 $4,600
3 Students $40 / hour $1,870 $5,900
Other Fees Amount
Building Fund, Per Student $100
Art Fee, Per Student $25
Late PLayment Fee (Per Occurrence) $25
Manual Processing Fee Per Transactions $10
Additional FACTS Account $50
Incidental Processing Fee (no auto-pay account) $250 annually
8th Grade Fee $200

Payment Schedule

You may spread your tuition payments across a 9 or 10-month period beginning on July. This is arranged through our contractor FACTS at Please note tuition fees won’t be collected in March. Registration fees would be billed instead.

st Robert catholic school sacramentoFinancial Assistance

St. Robert Catholic School offers a tuition assistance or financial aid program to help all families send their children to its school. Funds from this program are limited and will be distributed each year based on the financial need of each family applying for assistance.

All requests for assistance will be kept confidential. All information related to assistance will be treated as privileged communication. This means that we will do our best to keep information in confidence between you and the school administration, including those directly involved in processing your application.

To be considered for the tuition assistance program, you must apply each year with FACTS at All supporting tax documents related to your application must be submitted by the deadline posted by FACTS.

The intended recipients of financial assistance must maintain a “C” grade average and must demonstrate excellence in citizenship and conduct.

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