Name Nola Castle
Position Seventh Grade Teacher

B.A., English with Minor in English, Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, Connecticut

Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling, University of San Francisco.


Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

SRS Staff Since 2014

Nola Castle returns to the classroom as a half-time teacher after spending her entire career as an elementary- and middle-school teacher at San Juan Unified School District. Nola believes that teaching is more than a profession. It is a way of sharing knowledge to make our existence more complete. This perspective comes out in the range of activities that she has continued to engage in, such as serving as a mentor for beginning teachers or as a counselor for school-age children. Nola has a love for literature, particularly in the writings of American poets Robert Frost and Emily Dickson. With regard to why their works stand out, Nola believes that it was the beauty of their use of language to describe life and nature that has always captivated her attention. Nola’s decision to come out of retirement can be summed up in five words: “I absolutely adore the children.”