Name Liz Luttrell
Position Fourth-Grade Teacher

A.A., Physical Education,
Sacramento City College

B.A., Physical Education, 
California State University, Sacramento


Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials,
Chapman University

California Interscholastic Federation Coaches Education Program

SRS Staff Since 1990

Liz Luttrell has worked as a teacher in both public and private schools since 1977. During this time, Liz has taught at each grade level from kindergarten to eighth grade. With more than 30 years' experience, Liz has noted a common thread that links all students. That is, she has seen the sense of true joy on the faces of students when they learn something new – whether it is in the classroom or in the playground. Liz recounted that, for one earth science assignment, she used volcano rocks that she brought back from Italy to explore their texture and color. This hands-on study of a physical artifact sparked the type of curiosity that she believes is essential to learning. Students as young as eight would come and say, "I want to go there!" This is the excitement in students that has inspired her to continuing teaching.