Name Brian James
Position Eighth Grade Teacher

B.S., History, Political Science, and Economics,
Weber State University, 1979


Teaching Credential, 
State of Utah

SRS Staff Since 1979

Brian James worked as the eighth-grade teacher at St. Robert for 21 years before assuming the lead role as principal in 2000. Brian held this position for over a decade before asking the Diocese to return him to the classroom – the setting that had first attracted him to teaching. In reflecting over the school's history and future, Brian has noted that students are now more willing to think for themselves and to try different ways to solve a problem. At the same time, regardless of their time in history, they – the students – have all come to school with the need to fit in, to know that adults care for them, and to be assured that they have value. It is this culture of care at St. Robert Catholic School that Brian hopes will remain unchanged by time.