Name Austin Baker
Position Second-Grade Teacher

A.A., General Education,
Taft College, 1992

B.A., Liberal Studies, 
California State University, Sacramento, 1994


Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials,
California State University, Sacramento

SRS Staff Since 1996

Austin Baker has worked as the kindergarten teacher for 15 years before accepting the position of first-grade teacher in 2012. As a father of three, Austin is influenced by his belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be challenged at his or her own pace. In his work, Austin has been – and continues to be – inspired by the excitement he sees in his young students when they learn through play. For instance, Austin could be seen each week playing a stop-and-freeze game with his students during their walks between the classroom and gym – a purposeful game that integrates the concepts of body control, team work, among many. He believes in making every minute count and setting the base for developing good habits.